Why Does It Matter So?

Tommy Cattorneyatlaw ponders; wondering why, feeling….

A rip of the heart,

a tear at the gut,

is it worth it,

as you pick the pieces up.

Maybe not, as they fall back in disarray,

swirling in the blood strewn about as it always was.

Spread about, disheveled as they always were,

a sanctimonious display in a horrid array.

Nothing changes, it just remains,

not trite, but glib, it stays the same.

Not the name and brutality omnipresent,

it’s sick, reality, & omniscient.

A vomit of blood, a resultant finding,

the truth not hiding, it never was.

A slap across the years, trying, never seeing,

not knowing the quest or even why.

How to begin, not whither, not die,

but far from within, so lost again.

A walk across, slain by inequity,

a death that haunts most painfully.

Is there no escape, no sanctuary,

or must it all gut reality?


Why Should One Ever Care What Others Believe They Know

Tommycattorneyatlaw waxes poetically, having been criticized for being Tommy?

With great alarm, people stare,

They gasp perceptions but can’t care.

Perceptions believed, but unaware,

Lifting their truth, with confounding airs,


Begrudge them, those that judge,

There is nothing else, just that grudge.

Empty, shallow, blissless, forlorn,

Tricked by the bull, pierced by the horn.


As their spirit flows into dust,

Those people and airs never just.

The shell around them surely burst,

Nothing could be ever worse.


When felt by the forejudged,

Prostrated by the begrudged.

Saddened by the conception,

Peeled away, disgusted by perception.


Now alone, needing no assent,

Not approval, nor consent.

Knowledge within provides sanction,

A calming sense, a validation.


Why the Wait?

Tommy, Cattorney at Law & somewhat of a sleuth ponders….

Why would an accused person, maybe charged with a minor infraction, maybe merely accused, or perhaps only discussed in an inculpatory manner, vacation in the “third world” for 15 years, & now seek to return to this country expecting mercy?

This country, a formerly respected democratic republic, which has now experienced a debauchery, unprecedented, to the posture of a totalitarian, divisive, authoritarian state, less transparent than most existing mature “third world” regimes, and expect merciful resolution of their situation?

This expectant mercy is based on the passage of time? What has changed? Will the return to what is, be better than the leaving of what was? The pondering continues…. The fee has been paid, accountability abounds!